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Klover Equalized XLR Lapel Microphone for Parabolic Mics

Klover Equalized XLR Lapel Microphone for Parabolic Mics

Get a more natural sound from your parabolic.

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The Klover Equalized Microphone is a water-resistant, miniature, omnidirectional lavalier condenser microphone with XLR connector.  Inside the XLR connector, however, is an electronic circuit that equalized the output of the microphone to match the acoustic characteristics of the KLOVER MiK 09 parabolic collector.  The equalization also works extremely well with the KLOVER MiK 16.  This equalization gives either model a flatter, more natural sound than a standard lavaliere microphone.

This microphone, custom made for us by Countryman Associates, provides a deeper, more natural sound from our parabolic microphones.  This mic requires Phantom power (9 V to 48 V ) to operate.

This product is CE certified. (Click here for spec sheet of the non-equalized version of this microphone.)

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