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KLOVER MiK 16 (Bundles)

KLOVER MiK 16 (Bundles)

Our mid-size parabolic microphone. Perfect for mid-range applications.

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The KLOVER MiK 16 is our mid-size parabolic microphone.  It turns your omnidirectional mic into a long-range microphone that gathers audio from long distances.  This model is constructed with our new deeper dish, providing a tighter pickup pattern that is very similar to the KLOVER MiK 09 and the KLOVER MiK 26. (We can build this model with either dish upon request.)

This long-distance microphone is capable of capturing normal conversations from 250+ feet away.

The KLOVER MiK 16 includes:

  • KM-16 Dish Assembly (deep)
  • Handles (Left Hand & Right Hand)
  • Handle Cross Bar (Rear)
  • Microphone Yoke with Lavaliere Mic Adapter [7/8 inch (22.2mm) max mic diameter]