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KLOVER MiK 16 Enclosure (Bundles)

KLOVER MiK 16 Enclosure (Bundles)

Our parabolic microphone package was initially designed for baseball parks, but it can be used wherever protection for the parabolic mic and athlete is required.

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The KLOVER MiK 16 used inside the enclosure is our mid-size parabolic microphone. It turns your omnidirectional, or wide-cardioid, mic into a long-range microphone that gathers audio from long distances. This model is constructed with our original dish, which provides a slightly wider pickup pattern than the KLOVER MiK 09 and the KLOVER MiK 26. (We can build this model with either dish upon request.)

This long-distance microphone is capable of capturing normal conversations from 250+ feet away.

Custom-size enclosures can be designed to suit your needs.  See our Klover Kustoms page for more info.

The enclosures are not stocked, so please contact us for a consultation so we can discuss lead times and quote the enclosure that meets your exact needs!