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Dual KLOVER MiK 26 (Bundle)

Dual KLOVER MiK 26 (Bundle)

Our largest parabolic microphone. Outstanding performance with outstanding safety.

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The KLOVER MiK 26 is our largest parabolic microphone.  It turns your omnidirectional mic into a super long-range microphone that gathers audio from great distances.   This long-distance microphone is capable of capturing conversations from 500+ feet.

This model is a staple in the broadcast industry, seen every weekend on the sidelines of professional football games.

This new "K" version is constructed of carbon fiber reinforced nylon reinforced with continuous Kevlar fibers. These new construction methods have doubled the strength and durability of the components.

Purchasing this bundle provides two of our largest parabolic microphones in one package.  This saves you money, and shipping is less expensive!